28th July, 2020

MEJN is well-grounded in the ideals of social accountability and evidence-based advocacy, using and adapting social accountability tool such as Public Expenditure Tracking Survey (PETs), the ability to focus on the bigger picture of development results, and pursuing social and economic accountability for better and efficient public service delivery that will ultimately translate into addressing the needs of citizenry at large.

In the course of implementing a social accountability project, MEJN is conducting a validation workshop that has been organized following a Public Expenditure Survey (PETS) of some projects in Salima District implemented under the 2020/21 budgets specifically focusing on CDF and DDF projects. This project is being implemented in the following ADC/TAs in the district; Kuluunda, Makanjira and Ndindi. The survey sampled various projects including Chifungo Bridge (T/A Makanjira), Funde Junior Primary School Block (T/A Ndindi), Ngodzi CDSS Transformer (T/A Ndindi), Chikowa School Office Block (T/A Ndindi), Mnema Dispensary (T/A Makanjira) among others

The PET survey has revealed that access to information is still problematic, glaring disparities are a concern since some communities are not getting the value for money from development projects thereby not adequately fully benefiting from funds allocated to them in the budget, procurement processes in infrastructural developments clinch lack of transparency, coordination between duty bearers and rights holders in developmental routines remains a challenge, marginal consultation in identifying CDF and DDF projects, Non-adherence to set-timelines of completing infrastructural projects still prevails, no tangible feedback mechanism in developmental affairs, to mention a few.

Nonetheless, PETs results have shown that there is improvement in the manner other projects are being implemented. Area Development Committees (ADCs) and Communities are actively taking part in tracking the use of public funds. There has been also a significant improvement in the manner ADCs relate to councilors which has facilitated cordial relationship in developmental activities.

The PETS has been conducted with funding from IM Swedish Development Partner under a project titled ‘Enhanced Social Accountability for Better MGDS III Results and Outcomes’. The aim of the project is to enhance compliance and responsiveness by duty bearers in the implementation of the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS) III for development results and outcomes which will translate into improved service for Malawians.

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