Fighting Social and Economic Inequalities in Education and Social Security Sectors

NORAD through the Norwegian Church Aid

The Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN) signed yet another 5 year Contract with Norwegian Church Aid/Danish Church Aid, a Joint Country Programme to implement a Project which is to run from May 2020 through to 2024. The total budget for the five-year period of the project is 5 million Norwegian Kroner which translates to approximately MK 320 million to be disbursed at the rate of 1 million Norwegian Kroner (MK64 million) per annum. The project is being implemented at national level and in Mangochi District. The overall goal of this project is to enhance responsiveness of duty bearers to right-holders demand for fair and equitable finance and redistribution of resources in education and social protection sectors by 2024 by mainstreaming COVID-19 issues. The project’s interventions seek to contribute to reducing economic and social inequalities by enhancing citizens’ participation in policy processes, particularly relating to social protection and strengthening their capacity to exercise oversight over the use of public resources allocated to social protection programmes.

The project has just started being implemented and so far MEJN has conducted project entry meetings at national and district levels. A training on needs assessment has been conducted and arrangements are underway to run training programmes for CSOs and Area Development Committees in Mangochi District. Furthermore, a study is underway aimed at assessing the effectiveness of public policies relating to social protection. The outcome of the study will inform advocacy on reforms to the social protection policies and programmes.


Surface Area:
Year: 2020-2024
Value: MK 320 million (5 million Norwegian Kroner)
Categories: Advocacy,
Area 47, Sector 4
Mon - Sat: 7:00-18:00
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