Civic Engagement for Open Contracting funded by HIVOS


The project was being implemented at national level and in the following districts as well; Nsanje, Mzimba and Dowa. In each of the three districts the project was also reaching out to Area Development Committee level through structures which were created within the ADC namely Area Procurement Monitoring Teams. In Nsanje the ADCs involved are Chimombo, Ndamera and Malemia. In Dowa the ADCs which were involved in this project are Chakhaza, Mponela and Nkukula. While in Mzimba the project targeted Edingeni ADC with all its sub ADCs namely Manyamula, Chimutu, Mbelwa, Mzubayumo. At the District level the intervention also came up with a structure that was overseeing and spearheading implementation of the project interventions and activities. The structure was called District Procurement Monitoring Team (DPMT)

At national level the project established a structure called Open Contracting Multi Stakeholder Group (OS – MSG).

This was a 3 years project running from 2017 through August 2020 to the tune of Euro 120,000. The project came to an end on 30th June, 2020. However, there was a NO COST EXTENSION given to MEJN up to 31st August, 2020 to allow for conclusion of outstanding activities.

The overall goal of the project was to enhance transparency and accountability in public procurement and increased participation of all relevant stakeholders within the procurement sector.

The project had the following activities among other things;

  1. Development of an Open Contracting Training Manual
  2. TOT for Staff to administer the Manual
  3. Setting up of Project structures OC – MSG, DPMT, APMT
  4. Training of the structures
  5. Monitoring of procurement within the council
  6. Monitoring projects within the ADCs
  7. Interface meetings
Location: Nsanje, Mzimba and Dowa
Surface Area:
Year: 2017-2020
Value: Euro 120,000
Categories: Advocacy,
Area 47, Sector 4
Mon - Sat: 7:00-18:00
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