Accelerating Global Financing Facility (GFF) Accountability and Responsiveness


Accelerating Global Financing Facility (GFF) Accountability and Responsiveness to the health and nutrition needs of women, children and adolescents in Malawi.

This is an OSISA funded project meant to run for a period of one year starting from May 2019 to July 2020. The total Grant for the project was US$100,369.27. The project is still running through January 2021 due to the No Cost Extension agreed with the donor for MEJN together with its implementing partner JornalAids to successfully finalize all outstanding project activities.   This project aims at ensuring that the design, financing and implementation of domestic and donor policies are responsive to the health needs of Malawians, with particular focus on the Global Financing Facility (GFF).

The Global Financing Facility is a multistakeholder partnership for reproductive, maternal, new-born, child, and adolescent health plus nutrition (RMNCAH+Nutrition), combining World Bank funding (grants and loans), bilateral aid, and philanthropic funding together with domestic resources and, potentially, private sector finance. Malawi joined the GFF in November 2017.

The project seeks to improve accountability and responsiveness of Malawi’s Global Financing Facility to the health and nutrition needs of women, children and adolescents in Malawi. The project’s achievements so far include:

  1. Mobilization of stakeholders including the citizens foe participation in GFF programmes and to hold duty bearers accountable with regard to the use of resources for GFF interventions
  2. Analysis of key health policies and provision of input into the policy priorities and provisions in the GFF investment case for Malawi.
  3. Media personnel drawn from community and national media institutions and local civil society organizations equipped with knowledge and means of engaging with the GFF process in Malawi which has enhanced the conversation amongst these stakeholders on the GFF which was initially so closed process and limited to a few actor.
  4. Stakeholders identified prevailing challenges with the GFF process and came up with an action plan to further open up the process of engaging with the GFF process.
Location: Malawi
Surface Area:
Year: 2021
Value: US$100,369.27
Categories: Advocacy,
Area 47, Sector 4
Mon - Sat: 7:00-18:00
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