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Young people need
stable jobs to change
the face of Malawi
Young people in Malawi need education and stable jobs
to transcend from poverty to prosperity.
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We need laws
that propel
economic growth
Malawi need to have sound economic governance .
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How does inflation affect the local traders? Get to know how inflation affects local businesses and its impact.
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About US

Malawi Economic Justice Network

VISION STATEMENT: MEJN envisions an economically transformed Malawian Society.

MISSION STATEMENT: MEJN is a grouping of Civil Society Organizations that exist to promote good economic governance through research-based advocacy and grass roots mobilization among the people of Malawi.

VALUES STATEMENT: MEJN believes in and upholds the values of:

  • Accountability and Transparencyin the way we use and manage our resources (money and time) entrusted to us.
  • Integrity – we walk our talk and we are above reproach
  • Empathy – placing ourselves in the shoes of the communities we serve
  • Power of the people- a strong belief in people driven agenda.

Our work

Current Programmes

A bridge

We are a bridge between the civil society and the Malawi government.

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Capacity building

Building capacity of civil society in economic and budget literacy to enable them to make informed contributions.

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Advocacy and lobbying

Enhancing advocacy and lobbying of decision makers to advance the interests of the MEJN.

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Working With Us

Where Your Dreams Are Built

If you have had the experience, we have had great opportunities to develop and develop your career.


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