Engagement Meeting with Parliamentary Committees

MEJN with support from the NORAD through Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) Malawi, held an Engagement Meeting with Parliamentary Committees of Budget and Finance, Public Accounts Committee and Chairpersons of Education, Health, Agriculture and Women Caucus Committees. The engagement meeting was on 2020/21FY Budget Analysis with focus of Social Protection Programs.Along side the budget analysis MEJN […]

2020/21FY Consultations

MEJN with financial support from IM Swedish Development Partner engaged the Budget and Finance Committee and the Public Accounts Committee on 17th June 2020 on the 2020/21FY National Budget done by the previous government. The message is and has always been that government should always align the National Budget to the National Development Policy agenda, […]

Open up Contracting, Open up Water

Hivos believes people should have the freedom to challenge their governments and influence the established order. Access to information and open data helps communities to demand basic services. “Water is life, and we cannot live without water.” Grenda Nyangaphiza from Chinkhwiri, Malawi, gets her water from a borehole that she shares with 1,250 people. But […]

MEJN dates the Media

Media plays a key role in disseminating information and communication in a society. Citizens, MDAs, CSOs that have information are better placed to make informed decisions on various spheres of their lives including management of public resources. With financial support from Aga Khan University through its Social Accountability Media Initiative (SAMI) project, MEJN has been […]

CSO caucus on OGP

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